Mpe Balkan

Established in July 2007, MPE Balkan has been operative since January 2008. Production began in cooperation with a local Serbian company, but since 2010 Mpe Balkan doo is 100% owned by Mpe Srl.

The company is based in Kula, a city in the north-west of the autonomous province of Vojvodina, and is specialized in the production of technical ejected parts.

Since August 2013, the production and all offices, such as Management and Quality, were transferred to a larger and newer factory of 3,500 square meters, suitable for future growth plans. MPE Balkan is also certified to IATF 16949 and constantly interacts with the headquarters in Italy.

The constant interaction between the headquarter and the subsidiaries is an appreciated added value that MPE offers to its customers. All the experience gained in over 40 years is transmitted to the rather young foreign production sites. In this way, the benefits of localized production, as well as logistics, meet the established industrial tradition.