Injection molding

Since over 40 years MPE operates in the sector of technical items injection molding in thermoplastics materials. The mainly used technologies are injection-molding and bi-injection molding. This last technology in particular allows a single article to be produced with two different materials.

The wide range of injection molding equipments counts machines with a closing force from a minimum of 30 tons to a maximum of 500 tons. Thanks to this versatility MPE’s products find application in different parts of the vehicle including:

Blow Molding

Since the mid-80s MPE has developed expertise on traditional blow-molding technology. Afterwards the 3D suction-blow-molding technology has been introduced, with the aim to meet the increasing demands in the automotive industry for tubes and air ducts of various kinds.

Here are some of the products MPE is capable to produce:

Injection blow molding
(Pressblow molding)

Since over 25 years MPE uses the technology of injection-blow molding (Pressblow molding). The experience gained in this field has enabled MPE to become a reference company in the market for the production of the following products: