Mpe Usa

The first step of the MPE Group internationalization strategy is represented by the opening of MPE USA, Inc. in 2003.

Located in Pineville, a suburb of Charlotte – North Carolina – MPE Usa Inc. aims to manufacture and supply customers localized in the NAFTA market. The production focuses primarily on the technology of injection-blow molding (Pressblow molding) in order to produce bellows mostly for shock absorbers, steering gears and CVJ boots.

After an initial commercial activity lasted a few months, the U.S. branch begins serial production in the autumn of 2004. In 2007, MPE USA Inc. faces the first move to a larger facility due to the constant production increase. Important orders as a symbol of customers’ trust in our Group capabilities, pushed MPE USA to move once again to larger premises in May 2012 when a 7,000 square meters plant in Pineville was bought. This building is designed to meet the future development and production growth trend.

The Pineville plant, in addition to the production dept. hosts the Management offices, the Quality and Metrology Laboratory, which constantly interact with the Italian headquarter. Like all the other MPE plants also MPE USA, Inc. is certified IATF 16949.

The constant interaction between the headquarter and the subsidiaries is an appreciated added value that MPE offers to its customers. All the experience gained in over 40 years is transmitted to the rather young foreign production sites. In this way, the benefits of localized production, as well as logistics, meet the established industrial tradition.