Mpe Italy

MPE Srl (an acronym for Materie Plastiche Elastomeri) was established in 1973, founded by Mr. Giorgio Battagliotti. Its first headquarter was in Pessinetto, a small town in the Valli di Lanzo, about 45 Km from the city of Turin. The production of technical thermoplastics items produced with the technology of injection molding characterized the first years of the company life.

In 1989,both production and offices were moved to Mathi (about 30 Km from Turin), in a former Cotton Mill called Santa Lucia. In the new plant skills of traditional blow molding and injection-blow molding (Pressblow Molding) are developed and deepened.

In 1999 business expansion in the European market leads MPE to increase its production with the opening of a second plant in Villanova Canavese, which is about 1 km away from the Mathi headquarter.

Today the Mathi headquarter mainly hosts bellows and dust covers production, while the production of injected items and air ducts is located in Villanova Canavese.

With the aim to follow its Customers in the upcoming globalized world markets from 2003 MPE starts its own internationalization strategy with the establishment of MPE USA, Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Few years later follow the openings of MPE Balkan Doo, located in Kula (Serbia) in 2007, MPE Mexico, located in the city of Leon, in the Guanajuato State in 2008 and finally MPE Suzhou (China) in December 2018.