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On October 6th, 2021, MPE took part to the Virtual Automotive Supplier Conference, in which the Award Ceremony took place and the Suppliers have been awarded in various categories. MPE received the prize in the category of Program Management!

January 2021

Sustainability: MPE + Climeworks

MPE has decided, starting January 2021, to support Climeworks, a Swiss company specialized in the technology of capturing carbon dioxide in the air. The Swiss company filters CO₂ directly from the environment through an adsorption-desorption process. The protagonist of this process is the innovative plant built in Iceland which eliminates 4,000 tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere every year, transforming it into rock.

March 2020

Champions 2020: MPE IS THERE AGAIN!

1,000 companies have been identified as Italy’s best-in-class for the 2020 edition, and MPE – this year too – is there!
The analysis, carried out by the Centro Studi di ItalyPost is focused on financial performances of companies between 20 and 500 million € in the time frame 2012 – 2018.

February 2020

MPE Srl awarded at the 2nd Edition of the INDUSTRIA FELIX Award

The selection was made through a maxi-journalistic investigation by the Industria Felix Magazine and was carried out in collaboration with Cerved Group S.p.A., the Italian data-driven company and one of the main rating agencies in Europe.
MPE has been awarded for “Budgetary Performance High Honor – Best medium enterprise in the province of Turin for management performance and financial reliability”

October 2019

Mpe becomes  Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Due to the increasing export turnover, MPE has launched the certification process with the aim to obtain the Authotrized Economic Operator certificate. Customs and Monopoly Agency has released the authorization of AEO, valid starting from 07th October 2019; the document allows MPE to operate as a reliable export partner: […]

March 2019

MPE is confirmed as “Champion” company   On 15th March, the economic newspaper L’Economia of Corriere della Sera features an article dedicated to 500 companies classified as “Champhions”, i.e. the 500  firms awarded such as excellences in the Italian small and medium-sized enterprises scenario. The two-year-old study, which has been carried out by ItalyPost on […]