Sustainability: MPE supports CLIMEWORKS once again

As plastic components producers, we felt the need to reduce our carbon footprint in the atmosphere and Climeworks allowed us to have a certified and active global contribution to the cause.

Today, everyone is called to slow down the climate change and to reduce its carbon footprint.

In our small way, we are constantly working on it: we are trying to reduce plastic and pollutant waste, we are undertaking green choices in our manufacturing processes, we achieved ISO 14001 certification for MPE Italian facilities and MPE Mexico plant and we are considering to install solar panels in order to use green and self-produced energy.

But we wanted to go further with this topic and to do more than just in our local scale.

Since some customers have started to ask which are MPE’s sustainable actions and what we actively do to reduce our carbon footprint, we have decided, starting January 2021, to support #Climeworks, a Swiss company specialized in the technology of capturing carbon dioxide in the air.

We believe in innovation and Climeworks really convinced us!

In fact, thanks to the world’s largest climate-positive plant named Orca, launched on September 2021 in Iceland, Climeworks absorbs CO₂ from the atmosphere and transforms it into rock.

How does it work?

Climeworks focuses on “geological storage” in suitable rock formations in the deep underground, which is seen as the safest, most scalable and permanent approach of CO₂ storage as it is a natural process.

The air deprived of CO₂ comes back to the atmosphere, while the carbon dioxide is collected beneath the Earth’s surface and starts a mineralizing process, thanks to the natural reaction with the basalt rock. This process makes possible the permanent storage of CO₂ in the subsoil.

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