July 2017

In order to improve continuously, to grow and to keep up every day with the dynamic Automotive market of our customers, MPE has launched the new technical department: a 200 square metres building, which is composed of an open space office and a modern conference room.

Starting from the existing building, a renovation work has been carried out focusing on energy efficiency improvement: under-floor heating, air conditioning system and ceiling/walls insulation, new windows, led illumination and an optimised distribution of access points network.

This improvement has involved also high-tech equipment and computers,  with the realization of a modern meeting room with an extended call conference and networking device and an advanced touch “interactive whiteboard”.

The result is a modern location with wide and comfortable spaces, which are perfect for both our employees and for our customers and suppliers visiting us.

The new technical department is the accommodation of our six R&D technicians and other three units from quality department, as our goal is a constant improvement of synergies and know-how of our human resources, which play an essential role for the success of a project.

MPE target is the continuous improvement, resulting in innovation technology and constant commitment to satisfy the market.