Champions 2020: MPE IS THERE AGAIN!

1,000 companies have been identified as Italy’s best-in-class for the 2020 edition, and MPE – this year too – is there!
The analysis, carried out by the Centro Studi di ItalyPost is focused on financial performances of companies between 20 and 500 million € in the time frame 2012 – 2018.

The goal of this research is to get to know the wealth and strength of our manufacturing industry, in order to build a corporate culture that will help us to go beyond the complicated stagnation phase that has been slowing down the entire industry since mid-2018.
Today more than ever – hoping that the global health emergency will end soon – our companies are called to gather strength and look to the future with a constructive attitude.

And it will be thanks to the commitment of these companies – such as MPE – that Italy will start again even stronger!

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